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A proper Introduction

Hi there! I really love this new place. It's such a fresh start for me to have. I was so used to write in Hebrew, but always wanted to try and write in English as well. I felt so overwhelmed by my old blog and website, that I decided to open new ones in a new platform and try again. I'm so happy I did.  I feel so calm to have a place where I can write so freely and without any pressure. I hope to keep this online journal genuine , stress-free and open as I desire it to be. I hope you'll join me on this beautiful journey. So I'm sure you'd love to know who's the person behind this content you read and see. Well, that makes sense! I thought I'd make a little list of things about me and maybe you'll find it interesting enough to keep reading! So here everything you need to know about me. Hope you're ready- I know I am! 1. My name is Reut (Re-Ut) and my name means "Deep Friendship" in Hebrew. I love to think I'm friendly as my name suggest

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