A proper Introduction

Hi there!
I really love this new place. It's such a fresh start for me to have. I was so used to write in Hebrew, but always wanted to try and write in English as well. I felt so overwhelmed by my old blog and website, that I decided to open new ones in a new platform and try again. I'm so happy I did. 

I feel so calm to have a place where I can write so freely and without any pressure. I hope to keep this online journal genuine, stress-free and open as I desire it to be. I hope you'll join me on this beautiful journey.

So I'm sure you'd love to know who's the person behind this content you read and see. Well, that makes sense! I thought I'd make a little list of things about me and maybe you'll find it interesting enough to keep reading!

So here everything you need to know about me. Hope you're ready- I know I am!

1. My name is Reut (Re-Ut) and my name means "Deep Friendship" in Hebrew. I love to think I'm friendly as my name suggests...  I was called after one of the first values of soldiers in combat. 
2. I'm 35, may look younger in person but feel 65. That basically means that age has nothing to be concern about. for me, at least. I don't really care about numbers either way.
3.I'm a mom to a boy and a girl, called Dror (Sparrow and Freedom in Hebrew) and Carmel (after the Carmel Mountain in the north of the country).
4. I'm a military wife.
5. I'm a MA student (Art History) in Tel Aviv University. I'm focus on Tuscan History and culture and the subject I'm most passionate about is Archive Materials (Letters, Poems, Portraiture)  in Tuscany during the 16th Century in Italy. 
6. I'm an artist since ...humm.. forever I guess.
7. I've been a Professional Paper Artist since 2012.
8. I've been a Professional Weaver and Embroiderer since 2016.
9. I'm passionate about ancient handicrafts such as bookbinding, weaving, embroidery, paper cut art, stamp curving, print making and so much more. I promise to write about them all as this online journal evolves
10. I'm obsessed with the color green. I love mint green, sage and olive but my favorite shade is, without a doubt, is forest green.
11. I live in a big city near Tel Aviv, Israel, but I'm a nature girl at heart and my dream house is near the forest, up north.
12. I love the winter and having really hard times in summer days. Unfortunately, I live in a country where it's very hot during spring, summer and autumn and only in winter that I truly feel at ease.
13. I have a minimalist approach to stuff and trying to keep everything simple as I can. 
14. The only thing that I'm not a minimalist in (and will never be) is my craft room. I have hundreds of materials and products I use on a daily basis. I will try to review them here.
15. I love to make my own Silva Rerum ("Forest of Things" journals) and have a community in Israel that is dedicated solely to Silva Rerum. 
16. Another community I've created is "The Memory Keepers Community" with my dear friend, Oshra. Having this community and its lovely daily discussions is one of the best decision I've made this year.
17. 2020 has been a difficult year for me, losing people I love for Covid-19 and being at home in isolation for months, but I'm positive that better days will come.
18. I have a podcast about female singers and songwriters. It used to be a printed magazine, called Galiliot ('Fireflies') since 2007, but now focuses on audio episodes and a online magazine as well. 
19. I'm writing my first book since 2016 but having major progress since I've started "100 days of writing" challenge.
20. I've been a poet since my first poem as a twelve-year-old girl and have dozens of notebooks filled with poems. I wish to publish my feel poem collection in 2022.
21. My friends call me Reuty Nezek (Reut is a Damage in Hebrew's Slang) because I always get stuck in things, get hurt, fell or do something extremely stupid
22. I only wear dresses or skirts. I don't own any pairs of pants.
23. I rarely watch the TV. 
24. I have a lifestyle magazine with two of my friends- Poli and Lital, called "In Short", which we had to put aside for a few months. When we decide to bring it back, it will be lovely and informative as it's been before.
25. I'm learning Italian for the last two years it's been hard but a beautiful journey.
26. I wish to know more languages, like French, Latin and German. I hope one day to also know Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian as well. 
27. I love wine and I write about wine in different platforms. My podcast about Wine for Beginners, called "Wine Stories" will be out in January of 2021.
28. I've always loved history and I'm finally on the journey of making my dream comes true, to become an Historian.
29. I have the same perfume since I was 16. It's Jadore (Dior) and it's the only perfume I use.
30. I really enjoy makeup, especially the look of smokey eyes, but I rarely put any makeup on during the week.
31. I only eat meat, fruits, eggs and vegetables. 
32. I'm allergic to peach.
33.I have Lactose Intolerance since giving birth to my boy in 2013. I miss Cottage Cheese so much!
34. I love music and always looking to find new musicians. My list contains almost 2,000 female musicians from across the world and I'm not done searching for more!
35. I have 15 pen pals from around the world and I love them so much! I started having pen pals when I was 15 years old and I wish to keep writing letters to pen pals even when I'm 70.  There's nothing like writing a letter and get someone else's letter in your home mail box.

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction of mine. Here, in this lovely spot on the internet, I'm planning to document my life as an artist, a student and a mom of two, but also share my creative projects, my thoughts and my ideas and fill this space with beautiful pictures and videos.

See you soon!


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