Why now, Why here

So why now, why here?

I've been writing in different platforms for the last 12 years, but never in English. I think it's quite symbolic that I'm writing here, where I started blogging in 2008, as a young woman. I was 23 when I started my first blog. I was a student on my first year of University and I wanted a place to document my life as a student in Tel Aviv. I was studying Literature and was so bored with life, when I decided to open a blog. Months went by, I quit my Literature Studies and started Art History (one of the best decisions of my life) and everything started to calm down a bit. I wrote on my blog until graduation, so you could say the blog was my way to express myself through this period of my life. I used it as a way to process thoughts and dreams and document life. I think it's a nice closure to have, to go back to Blogger and write here again;  I think it's also a beautiful way to start a new path as well- Now as a 35-year-old, a wife and a mom of two, but a student AGAIN, in a different place in life. 



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